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Right Now – A book on - How to be Financially Strong plus Happy All Along

At a time when households on one hand are subjected to variety of financial products and services, on the other hand they are exposed to gamut of risks.

Right Now offers its first-ever personal finance guide, which provides effective and easy-to-understand basic kind of financial challenge a person could face. The USP of the book is the interactive software – Financial Friend that comes along with it. Readers can implement and practice the concepts understood with Financial Friend.

Regardless of income level, everyone needs a financial plan that addresses personal savings, insurance, and debt level. Yet today many Indians are without a plan and are at risk of having a life crisis—job loss, natural disaster, medical emergency, or other event—trigger a financial crisis.

Backed by the vast experience of the author, this book presents prescriptions for financial health provided in this guide are easy for even the financially unsophisticated reader to understand—and yet enormously powerful in their impact.

Right Now is both informative and enjoyable to read. Each of its 13 sessions (named “session” and not chapter, as if reader is having interactive session with the author) teach financial concepts. In addition, Right Now has several other helpful features. It has a chapter on how to make self improvement tool work for you. The book also has parting thoughts by way of conclusion that summarizes the thought process.

Right Now offers a comprehensive a user friendly interactive software that include  worksheets for financial goal-setting, totaling debt, budgeting, and calculating net worth.  The readers grasps the concept very easily by working with real numbers in the software - Financial Friend.

The book addresses budgeting, personal savings, investments, insurance, planning for education costs, retirement planning, and debt control in ways that maximize financial confidence and are applicable to a wide range of situations.

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